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Loose Stomach Fat: How To Get Rid

of Stomach Fat Forever

Without Starving Yourself or Spending Hours in The Gym


by Todd Scott, ISSA-CPT 

Training Advisor, Men's Fitness magazine


 There is a lot of confusion when it comes to How to Lose Loose Stomach Fat. Some people will tell you that you just need to do cardio and eat less. Some will tell you that you don't need cardio, that you just need to train with weights, and others will tell you to starve yourself.


There's no wonder there is so much confusion when it comes to losing weight and the best way to go about how to lose weight.


The fact of the matter is none of the above "solutions" are correct. If you don't believe me, I urge you to try them yourself. If you have already tried yourself, then you know this to be true. Chances are you may have tried 1 or all of the How to Lose Weight "solutions", lost a little bit of weight and then the weight loss either stopped or completely reversed. Sucks, huh?


Well, with everyone telling you something different, it's bound to happen. But if you really want to know how to lose weight and keep it off, there is a formula I use in my How to Get Six Pack Abs manual that has YET to fail regardless if you're trying to figure out How to Lose Weight or if you're trying to build muscle. It has been time tested & proven in the trenches.


The formula is:


Lean Muscle Mass + Proper Nutrition + Weight Training + Cardio Training=


Weight Loss


 I've used this formula with over 2000 people, and the one's who put it to work see massive improvements, lose fat, and look & feel spectacular.


Although you have the formula, the pieces of the puzzle still are left to be put in place for the most effectiveness.


Lean Muscle Mass - This is where fat is burnt, so it's extremely important to at the very least maintain your current levels of lean muscle mass


Proper Nutrition - Many people say "Oh, I eat healthy" but at the same time they are the same people who can't figure out why they can't lose weight. Guess what, "I eat healthy" isn't a nutrition program. If you want to truly see the benefits of eating right, you'll need to do a little work - but fortunately for you, I've done most of the work for you in my internationally best selling Fat Loss Program. All you have to do is plug in the numbers, and follow along.


Weight Training - Since the key to how to lose weight relies in at least maintaining your lean muscle mass, you'll need a tool to carry this out. The most effective tool to maintain muscle mass while losing weight is weight training. The only other option to maintain your lean muscle mass is to ensure you're consuming more calories than your burning - But chances are, you'll get fat. Luckily, there's a step by step plan for you in the How to Get Six Pack Abs program.


Cardio Training - This is the Last & the Least. Some people don't even need cardio to lose weight and get a flat sexy stomach. It will speed up fat loss, but it's not needed. The option is yours.




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