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I am available for interviews and Q&A's. Feel free to contact me at toddscott [at] to set up any interview you would like to do.
Below is an interview I did with Scott Colby. It's rather long, so it would be best to break it into 2 parts. But if you want to string it into 1 email or 1 blog post, feel free to do so. When this interview is sent to a warm email list, the conversions are very high.
Part 1:
Subject: Booze, Sit-ups & Six Pack Abs

If you're interested in discovering some areas where you may
be going wrong in your abs training and your attempts at
l. osing stomach fat, I have an interview for you below that
you'll want to read.

In it, Scott Colby, grills Abs Expert Todd Scott on the topic of
abs training, booze, & burning stomach f. at

Here's a copy of the first half of the interview below. In
this part of the interview today, we'll just deal with
training aspects.

In a couple days, I'll send out the rest of the interview,
where Scott & Todd cover the nutrition aspects - plus he goes into
step-by-step detail about how you can booze it up and still
burn off your belly!

Here's the first part of the interview:

SC: Why don't sit ups, crunches, and the ab machine gizmos
help you get a 6-pack?

TS: Think about this for a minute, our muscles are designed
to adapt to the amount of stress consistently placed on them,
so if sit ups, crunches, and ab machines are supposed make
your belly shrink, then that would mean adding additional
stress to other muscle groups would cause them to get smaller,
too. Yet, when you see someone who is at an advanced fitness
level, their muscles are typically larger than the average

For example, have you seen a cyclists’ legs? By cycling alone,
they place more stress on their leg muscles than the average
person. The result? Moderate to Large leg muscles.

Basically, muscles adapt according to the amount of consistent
stress you put on them. If you do leg exercises, your leg
muscles will adapt to the added stress by becoming stronger
and denser. That means they get bigger, and that’s why people
who want bigger (not smaller) legs do squats and other leg
exercises rather than avoiding them.

We sometimes forget that our abdominals are made up of the
same material and are muscles themselves. So by training
them (regardless if you’re doing sit-ups, crunches or an
ab machine), the same thing will happen, they’ll grow
stronger and denser. And in the end they’ll be bigger.
It has very little to do with burning fa. t.

It’s true that by increasing the size of your ab muscles
you’ll increase the rate of your metabolism to an extent,
but not enough to make a noticeable difference.

You can see undeniable truth that ab exercises, sit ups,
and crunches will not help you get a six pack by reading
the story of Mark Pheltz at
He set the Guinness Book of World Records for the number of
sit-ups at one time. How many did he do? 45,005 Sit-ups in
58.5 hours… Go see for yourself if he had six pack abs,
you’ll be shocked

*note from Scott - when you get to the homepage, just click
“women” if you’re a woman, and click “man” if you’re a man
to read Mark’s story and see with your own eyes what 6 months
of sit-ups 6 hours per day will do for your belly fat.

SC: What types of exercises do work to shed belly fat?

TS: There really isn’t a “type” of exercise that burns fa-t
better than others. Some will argue that full body movements
burn fa-t faster, but there’s more than one way to skin a cat.

The fact remains that the more muscle you have on your body,
the more calories you’ll be able to burn during a given day.
So, no matter whether you’re a man or a woman, the ultimate
goal is to choose exercises that stimulate the most amount
of muscle at a time.

If you want to go with full body movements, that’s perfectly
fine. Generally, I will train Men and Women differently even
though both can lose fa-t by following the same program.

Guys typically like having large, hard muscles overall, so
in order to burn the maximum amount of fa-t while still
focusing on smaller muscles, I’ll use both single and
multi-joint movements within supersets or triple sets
as well as add explosive movements.

Here’s an example triple set I’d use:

Bench Press
Barbell Curl
Explosive Med Ball Push Up

Here you have all three – Multi-joint movement (bench press),
followed by a single-joint movement (barbell curl), and ending
with an explosive movement (explosive med ball pushup). The
single-joint movement is included as the second exercise in
the set to act as an “active” rest for the more metabolic
demanding explosive med ball pushup which utilizes the same
muscles as the first exercise in the sequence. Though, the
single-joint movement is an “active” rest, it should still
be performed at maximal intensity.

Since the gals typically aren’t concerned with muscle size
or hardness and just want the lean toned look, I generally
use the same format but with less emphasis on the single
joint movements. Here, the single joint movement would be
a “true” active rest.

Here’s an example triple set I’d use:

Bench Dips
Squat Jumps.

The focus of this set is on the legs. The bench dips are
thrown in to divert stress away from the legs in preparation
for the more metabolic demanding Squat Jumps. Your heart
will be pounding by the middle of the second set, so you’ll
gladly welcome the Bench Dips as an active rest while being
able to focus attention to the back of the arms.

In all if you place more focus on the larger muscle groups,
you will burn more fa-t. But if you want to give your body a
metabolic spike, I suggest mixing it up.

That wraps up our training portion of the interview. For more
info about whether the How to Get Six Pack Abs Program is
right for you, be sure to check out the following site:

I'll be back in a few days with the portion of the interview
where we discuss the common nutrition mistakes most people
make along with Todd's recommended tips and strategies - PLUS the
nutrition side of the how you can drink booze and still l. ose
belly fa-t!

'til next time,

Interview Part 2
Subject: Booze, Sit-ups & Six Pack Abs Part 2

Just the other day, I sent you an email detailing some of the
Training aspects of the interview with Abs Expert Todd Scott…

Today, Scott grills Todd on the topic of abs training,
booze, & burning stomach f. at… and how he concocted
a plan to not only drink booze without gaining w. eight,
but also how the lbz melted off week after week…

Be sure to read the entire interview, it contains
a few true gems you can start using today!
Hope you enjoy!
Scott C: You said you drank nearly every weekend and got
down to 7% bodyfat? How did you do this?

Todd S: Oh man… this one’s a doozy… so I’m gonna have to put
a disclaimer on it:

Warning: This is interview is for informational purposes
only, and is not intended to treat or cure any illness or
disease. I am not a doctor, so please consult your physician
before starting any exercise program.

In other words: “Kids, don’t try this at home.”

Okay? Okay. So, let’s get to it.

I can’t say I was doing an experiment, because I was going
to drink no matter what. And, like many people, a little bit
of alcohol here and there is going to happen, so I just
decided to concoct a plan so as to not put on fat… the
result was that I continued to lose fat week in and week out.

Basically, I used the formula found in to calculate the number of
calories I needed to eat per day and per meal to lose fat
on a weekly basis.

This was just 1 part of my overall program. Since nearly
every weekend I’d go out on the town or go to a party, I
just did a bit of quick math to figure out how much I could
drink and not exceed my daily caloric requirements. My goal
was to just maintain my weight at the time, not lose more fat…
but it turned out quite nicely.

I’ll use 2400 calories per day for the purposes of this

Here’s what I did as far as the nutrition part of the
program goes:

I designated 1 night per week as a party night where I would
drink – it ranged from shots, to beer, to whiskey, all the
way to wine – the type of alcohol didn’t matter. The day
that was designated as my “party” day, I figured out what I
wanted to drink, how much I was going to drink, and the number
of overall alcohol calories I’d be taking in that day.

So for instance, let’s say I decided to drink 8 Light Beer
at 110 calories each. I’d simply subtract that from the total
daily calories I was to EAT that day – 2400 minus 880= 1520

That’s how many calories I’d consume (1520 calories) for the
day from whole foods and supplements. To reach the daily
total of 2400 calories, I’d drink 8 light beer. It’d keep me
in a calorie deficit AND I’d get to drink beer or whiskey or
wine or whatever the heck I wanted.

The key to it was planning it in advance, so I wouldn’t go
over the daily calories.

Another key to it is that after you stop drinking for the
night, your blood sugar falls rapidly, and you get really,
really, really, hungry… you just have to fight the urge and
not eat until the next day. If I did give in, I’d ONLY eat
protein. And I even planned this in advance, too. I’d make
sure I had 2 chicken breasts cooked and waiting in the
refrigerator. If I hadn’t planned this in advance, and I did
give in, it’d be too easy to just run to a fast food
restaurant rather than throwing a chicken breast on the grill.

Scott C: Most people start a fitness program by walking for
30-60 minutes a day and nothing else. Is this the correct

Todd S: It depends on the condition of the person. If that’s
ALL they can do, then yeah, it’s the perfect approach. But by
“Start”, I’d say you have 5-7 days to begin increasing the
intensity of not only the walking but by also adding some
sort of weight training to the program. If the person continues
“walking just 30-60 minutes a day” indefinitely, they’re not
going to burn much fat.

Let’s look at it from a completely different perspective. If
you’re trying to get into shape by just walking 30-60 minutes
per day over and over, it’d be a lot like enrolling in college
to become a doctor by only taking biology 101 every semester
for 4 years. Sure, you have to start somewhere (and every
doctor I know started with basic college biology), but at the
end of the 4 years, you won’t be getting into med school –
you’ll just be a really, really good tutor.

The same is true with walking – it’s only a start, if you
don’t continue to increase the intensity at every benchmark,
you’ll never lose your belly fat, and you’ll end up just
being really, really good at walking 30-60 minutes at a time.

Scott C: What type of foods should you be eating to strip away
belly fat?

Todd S: If you want to strip away fat at rapid speeds, whole foods
are the way to go. I’m not saying supplements don’t have
their place (I love meal replacement shakes), but by simply
digesting natural whole foods your body will burn extra

These foods should consist of protein and starchy carbs. I’d
go so far as to say not to add any additional fat other than
omega-3’s & omega-6’s.

Typically the proteins should consist of chicken breast,
turkey breast, eggs, cottage cheese, nuts, pork loin, and if
you have access to elk or deer meat, these are great low fat
high protein sources. Not many people realize how lean pork
loin is. Even though it’s pork, it’s about the equivalent to
a chicken breast as far as the amount of protein and fat it
contains. And even though it does contain a tad bit more fat
than chicken, it’s great to have around to mix things up.

As far as the carbs go, stick with whole grains such as wheat
bread, brown rice, sweet potatoes, yams, and even white
potatoes. Even though it’s a “white” carb, you can still eat
it and not have to worry about storing fat - as long as you
don’t overeat.

Not only is the Type of food you eat important, but the food
combinations are just as important. What I’ve found to work
the best is after calculating the number of calories you need
per day to lose fat, calculate your meals so that every meal
contains the same amount of protein, and both breakfast and
the post workout meal contains double the number of carbs as
the other meals of the day.

That wraps up this interview. For more
info about whether the How to Get Six Pack Abs Program is
right for you, be sure to check out the following site:

'til next time,




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