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Get 6 Pack Abs

With these 3 Ab Workout Tricks


by Todd Scott, ISSA-CPT 

Training Advisor, Men's Fitness magazine


If you want 6 pack abs, ab workouts aren't the most important factor, but they are important to include in your program. Contrary to popular belief, ab exercises do not burn belly fat to develop 6 pack abs. They simply serve the purpose of strengthening and toning the abdominal muscles.


When most people think of "toning" they think that it means to have low levels of body fat. This notion is also misinterpreted. Having toned muscles does not correlate to having low levels of body fat and 6 pack abs. By definition, "Tone" means the level of contraction of a muscle fiber while at rest and has nothing to do with the amount of fat on your body or whether or not you have 6 pack abs. Believe it or not, you can have high levels of body fat, be weeks or even months away from having 6 pack abs, and STILL have very toned muscles. It's just that the high body fat levels make it impossible to see the muscle definition.


Non-the-less, a comprehensive ab workout plan is imperative to developing 6 pack abs, it's just that it serves a different purpose than what most believe. The purpose it serves can be called the "preparatory phase." By this, I mean that you are prepping your abdominal muscles with proper ab workouts for low levels of body fat. You're working to tone & harden the muscles, so when you Do get 6 pack abs, they will be nice and firm.


Now that you understand the purpose of your ab workout, here are 3 tips to ensure you're getting the most bang from each rep:


1. Crunches are good for 6 Pack Abs, but they aren't the best option- Look for 6 pack ab exercises that give variation, use explosive movements, and stimulate other muscles simultaneously. This will allow you to overload your abs and use a heavier weight than you would with a normal crunch. Here's a great exercise that does just that Crunchless Ab Exercises Video


2. Partner Assisted 6 Pack Ab Exercises for Variety - Using partner assisted exercises not only give you a wide variety to spice things up in your quest for 6 pack abs, but it also makes it fun and feel like you're not even working out. If you've never tried working your abs with a partner, here's a great 6 pack abs exercise to get you started: Check out this Ab Exercises Video


3. Keep the Reps Low & The Resistance High- You've probably read and seen all the programs that call for more than 2-3 dozen reps per set. It's time to scrap that plan. Remember, the goal for your 6 pack abs exercises is to tone & harden the muscles in preparation for low levels of body fat. And the best way to do that is through low reps and high resistance. I'd keep the reps in the 8-15 range & just add in a few extra sets. Treat your abs just like every other muscle, and when your 6 pack abs begin to appear you'll be glad you did.




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