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Top 5 Fat Loss Foods To Lose Belly Fat


by Todd Scott, ISSA-CPT 

Training Advisor, Men's Fitness magazine


It's often asked: "What's the fastest, quickest easiest way to lose belly fat?" While many people (and I've been guilty myself) look for a quick fix in a pill, supplement, or fancy new way to do cardio or workout, the answer is right in your kitchen.


Not long ago, I trained Les Achord (the guy on the Lose Belly Fat homepage), and in 12 weeks he completely transformed his body from a beer belly geek to a six pack stud. What you may not know, is that not only did I give him the tools for the workout & the nutrition guidelines, I trained side by side with him every step of the way.


The difference, my goal wasn't to get lean and shredded in less than 12 weeks, so my nutrition program wasn't solid, and I DID not lose as much belly fat as he did.


The secret is in whole foods. Here are the Top 5 Fat Loss Foods contained in a nutrition program designed to burn stubborn belly fat:


1) Chicken Breast

Chicken, by far, is the most popular choice for fitness enthusiasts & fitness competitors alike. You can buy it in bulk & it's easy to cook. But all chicken isn't made the same. You want to make sure you stick to lean cuts of meat such as the breasts. Other parts of a chicken contain lots of fat and hidden calories


2) Eggs and Egg Whites

Egg whites are another important food for someone ready to get serious about losing fat. Each egg contains 7 grams of protein. Take out the yolk, and it will yield 3.5 grams of protein. You can stock up your refrigerator with dozens of eggs at a time, and have a ready meal within minutes. To Bump the protein, I suggest combining whole eggs & egg whites at a 1:4 ratio.


3) Oatmeal

This is a very potent fat burner. And easy to cook or just add to your protein shake. Since the carbs contained in oatmeal are releases slowly over time, you won't get the insulin spike that KILLS the fat burning effect as found with more simple carbs. A typical half cup includes three grams of fat, five grams of

protein, and 27 grams of carbs, which is an ideal balance. Always choose regular flavor & stay away from the high sugar packets.


4) Brown Rice

This is another cornerstone staple. Be sure to  measure it out to keep the calories controlled. Brown rice and is your top choice for a slow releasing starchy carbohydrate.


5) Fish and Fish Oils

One of Les' foods of choice was fish. The omega-3 & 6's ramp up the fat burning effect of your day to day activity. If you choose tuna, keep it to 2-3 cans per week. My fish of choice is Tilapia. It cooks fast, and has less of a "fishy taste".



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