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Ab Workout for Six Pack Abs


by Todd Scott, ISSA-CPT 

Training Advisor, Men's Fitness magazine




A good ab workout is important if you want rock hard six pack abs. It's not that the ab workout itself is going to burn fat to a degree that it's all you'll have to do to get a flat belly, but ab workouts do have a purpose in your program.


The fact is, you could more than likely develop a flat stomach & six pack abs without doing a single ab exercise at all. The problem comes in when you finally do drop your body fat levels low enough for your abs to show. If you don't have naturally developed abdominal muscles or haven't been training your abs, you may find yourself disappointed in their appearance when they finally do begin showing through your skin.


Since ab workouts don't burn belly fat, why in the world should you even do them or include ab exercises in your program?


Just as I said earlier, it's simply to prepare your abdominal muscles for low levels of body fat. Of course, you could just cross your fingers, avoid your ab workout, and hope that when you achieve low levels of belly fat your abs look great.


But who wants to take that chance?


So, in my opinion, the best thing to do is incorporate ab workouts in your program 2-3 days per week to ensure your ab muscles are being stimulated and to give yourself the best possible chance for your abs to look great when you do finally achieve low levels of body fat. 


Here is one of my favorite ab exercises: 


Renegade Rows - This is a Powerhouse Ab Exercise. Here's how to do it. Drop into a pushup position gripping a dumbbell in each hand. Instead of doing a pushup, perform a one arm row and alternate arms with each rep.


You can add this into your program and pair it with other exercises for a killer superset or you can do it as a stand alone exercise. Either way, you'll feel its effects almost immediately.





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