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How to Lose 17 Pounds in 17.5 Hours


by Todd Scott, ISSA-CPT 

Training Advisor, Men's Fitness magazine



A few months ago I dropped 17 pounds and it only took
17 1/2 hours to do it.

Here's exactly how I did it.

1. Calculated my metabolic rate and configured the
calories I needed to lose fat
  - 5 minutes

2. Compiled a food list & went to the grocery store
- 45 minutes

3. Prepped & Cooked the food
- 2 hours per week (8 hrs)

4. Developed a comprehensive 4 week program  
- 30 minutes

5. Implemented the program 20 minutes per day
  - 480 minutes (8hrs)


Total time invested: 17.5 hours

Total weight lost = 17 pounds

Now here comes the best part

As you can see, this is NOT a complicated process.
It does NOT involve some clever new fat burning/workout/
Cardio/food combination trick that no one else has heard of.
And it is NOT expensive nor time consuming to implement.

In fact, if you don't already have a few pair of cheap dumbbells
and a jump rope like I use (and I'll tell you about it),
you can easily get them for around $50 bucks.

So that would be your total cost.

By the way, there is no "magic bullet"
here at all. This step-by-step process
is about as simple as it gets.

And it's all based on fundamental, solid fat loss
principles that work for nearly anyone.

So what this all boils down to is...

ANYONE can do this.


While this is just about the best "Fat buster"

you'll ever find, there are two things
you must have to take advantage of this.

You must have at least 10 pounds to lose
along with being able to mark out
20-30 minutes per day on your calendar.

Without that, it simply won't work. So
please be clear - this is absolutely NOT
for people who don’t have at least 10 pounds
to lose, and aren’t willing to set aside at
least 20-30 minutes per day.

Now if you do have that, here's how to
use my simple, 5-step formula to rip fat
off your belly in record time.

And like I said, I dropped 17 pounds with only 17.5  
hours of work. But you may do even better if you're part of
the limited group that get in on my 4 week coaching program

Stomping the Fat “When You Absolutely
Positively Want to Lose Belly Fat NOW”


During this coaching program, I will personally
take you through every detail of the 5 simple steps
I showed you above, using the exact workout programs,
calorie calculations, food list, and processes I created
to blast 17 pounds of fat in 17.5 hours.

In addition, I'll show you how you can
continue losing 2-3 pounds per week
until you’re ready to literally turn off
the fat burning faucet.

PLUS - I'll even guarantee your results.

Bottom line, I will show you how to burn a
bare minimum of 10 pounds of fat in record time…

- starting immediately, while everyone else is in a
panic spending countless hours in some fancy pants
gym - or it costs you nothing.

Interested? Get on the advanced
notice list now

This program is not for everyone. As I've
already stated, you must have at least 10 pounds
to lose & 20-30 minutes per day for this to work for you.
In addition, the tuition is $97.


However, because I’ll be personally walking you
through this program step by step through coaching
calls, videos, and pdf documents, you're essentially
getting one-on-one training that normally costs over
$3,187 if you were to hire me personally. So, you’ll
be saving well over three thousand dollars.   

This program will take place some time
in early November. At this point I haven't
set the exact dates.

However, because the number of  “seats”
I have available are limited, you can sign
up for advanced notice now. It doesn't
cost anything and you'll get early registration
privileges ahead of everyone else.


If you'd like to put your name on this list
and move to the head of the line for priority
enrollment once the doors open, click here and
sign up - it only takes a couple of seconds:


One last thing. Because this will only work
if you have at least 10 pounds or more to lose and the
$97 tuition must be paid in full, please do
NOT sign up unless you meet these requirements.

The number of seats available are extremely
limited and you should only sign up for advanced
notice if you're truly serious.


Like I said, I've put this program to the test personally,
and will be going through the program again myself,
side-by-side with you beginning in early November.

So sign up now to find out how to drop fat quickly with
this simple but powerful belly bustin’ program.

Talk soon,


Training Advisor, Men's Fitness magazine

'til next time, Train Hard & Live easy!

Todd Scott
Training Advisor, Men's Fitness magazine

P.S. I've got some cool stuff planned for ya in the coming
weeks. And you're gonna absolutely love it.



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