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Why Your Weight Loss Programs

May Not Be Working


by Todd Scott, ISSA-CPT 

Training Advisor, Men's Fitness magazine


How many times have you started a program, then after a few days or weeks switched gears and started
something else?

Maybe you found an appealing program in a magazine, tried it out for 2 weeks, then found a program in
your email inbox that seemed it might work a little better?

If you've done this, then it's probably because you didn't feel the original program was working.

Rule #1: You've gotta stick with a weight loss programs for at 6-8 weeks to determine it's effectiveness.

It takes that long for your body to respond.


So, if you start a program today & haven't reached your goal by next week.....

It doesn't mean the program doesn't work. You can't build a house in a day. And if you do, it'll probably fall down tomorrow.

Same goes with your body... If you lose 10 pounds in 3 days, you'll probably gain it back within in the next 3...

Moral of the story.... Pick a fat loss program and see it through. Or no program will ever work, ever.

'til next time, Train Hard & Live easy!

Todd Scott
Training Advisor, Men's Fitness magazine

P.S. I've got some cool stuff planned for ya in the coming
weeks. And you're gonna absolutely love it.



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