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In the article below you'll discover...

  • how (against all recommendations) a frustrated, chubby hair stylist lost 31 pounds of fat all while absolutely refusing to do cardio

  • how a guy did thousands of sit-ups per day, and still didn't get a flat sexy stomach (and what he did wrong - this is shocking!)

  • The 1 mistake you MUST Avoid that Can literally STOP Fat Loss Dead-In-Its-Tracks



"How to Finally Get Rid of Your Soft,

Jiggling Belly Fat to Feel Better About Yourself,

Appear More Confident Around Your Friends,

and Finally Become the Attractive, Sexy Vixen

You Were Always Meant To Be."


Not Because You Have To, but Because...




As Seen In:

Fat Loss Image

Exercise Programs Image

Dear Friend,


Let's face it.. you've probably tried every fat loss program on the market, you've probably spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on the latest hyped up "fat loss" pills and supplement scams, you've probably even tried every cardio program you can find from one corner of the 'flashy' magazine rack to the other, including both the hyped up interval training craze, and the slow steady cardio type training for hours on end... and nothing has seemed to work to get rid of your ugly, flabby stomach to develop a lean sexy midsection, right?


You've probably done 100's of sit-ups, possibly bought one of the latest snazzy infomercial gadgets seen on tv, and have probably even used the big fancy ab "contraptions" at your gym...


Unfortunately, that didn't seem to burn fat off your belly, either, right?


Fact: Doing hundreds, even Thousands of sit-ups and crunch type movements, even if it's on a special made "ab-a-tron" machine, doesn't burn belly fat.


It never has, and unfortunately it never will.


Yet, you'll see these special "programs" that guarantee to burn fat off your belly by just doing a few sit-ups or crunches per day by following their program. The fact IS those programs and gadgets are built to Sell... not built to develop six pack abs. That's why you see a brand new "Fat Loss" program hit the market every 6-8 months. It's a straight up scam designed to steal your hard earned money, and it's designed to continue stealing your money year after year when the exact same company releases the next "Big" craze...


I hate to be the one to tell you this, but these companies think we are fat, out of shape Fools.


Why else would they be releasing new programs and products every few months promising the exact same results with the "New" Program" as they did with program they just pulled from the market!?




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  • 8 must-have levels of abdominal training to rapidly blast fat like a bad habit

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  • Simple, yet astonishingly effective method to increase the fat burning effects up to 300% - yeah, I said three hundred percent... when you apply this simple technique you'll transform your body into an unstoppable fat burning machine, within the first 36 hours, guaranteed.

  • And Much, Much More!

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Case In Point:

Sit-Ups and Crunches Do Not Burn Belly Fat


In 1984 Mark Pfeltz set the Guinness Book of World Records for number of sit-ups by completing 45,005 sit-ups in approximately 58.5 hours.


As of this writing, the current record is somewhere in the “111,000 sit-ups in 24 hours” range.


Now, I’m not knocking Mark’s accomplishment, because doing that many sit-ups in 58 hours is a great accomplishment. The point I'm trying to make is realized in his training program. For six months leading up to his “Big Day”, Mark trained his abdominal muscles 6 hours per day, day in and day out to reach his goal of breaking the World Sit-Up Record.


It took 6 hours of abdominal training per day for six months, finally, he strengthened his abdominals and lower back to the point that he could pound out 1000’s upon 1000’s of sit-ups without stopping.


But did he have toned sexy abs? I’ll let you check out his picture and decide for yourself. 


You can clearly see by the picture above, that even though Mark could rep out sit-up after sit-up, he still had rolls of belly fat - Even after 6 months of training his abs 6 hours per day, every single day!

If that’s not proof sit-ups don’t burn belly fat, I really don’t know what is.

Well, if you're trying to get Shed Stubborn Belly Fat,

That's a Heck of A LOT of Wasted Time and Effort!


So... if Hundreds of Ab Crunches and Thousands

of Sit-Ups Day After Day, Thousands of Dollars in Wasted Fat Burning Pills, and Fancy Whiz-Bang Ab Gadgets Don't Work...


Then, What Does Work To Get That Flat,

Sexy Belly?!?



I'm going to introduce to you what does work by telling you a real quick story about a 29 year old Hairstyling Beauty Queen that I personally witnessed make incredible changes to her body by trying something drastically different than what she had ever done in the past.

You see, as a Certified Personal Trainer and former Training Advisor to

Muscle & Fitness HERS magazine, I've trained hundreds of women over the last 8 years in person... and that doesn't even count the Hundreds of Thousands women that have used my programs from Muscle & Fitness Hers magazine or that I've consulted with online over the last few years.. 


This isn't about me though, this is about you finally burning fat and developing the flat sexy stomach you've always wanted, and what you can learn from this "smart" Hairstyling Beauty that lost 31 Pounds of Fat without even attempting any type of cardio program.


Now, Here's The Back Story of How Trisha Went

From Your Everyday Pudgy Hairstylist To Owning

A Lean... Toned... Sexy Belly You Only See in the Movies,

in only 14 Weeks Time

I know you've heard other people hint at this story before, and some unqualified bozos even try to take credit for it.

So right now, I'm going to break it all down for you and show you what really happened, and how fast Trisha really lost 31 Pounds of Fat to Develop a tight, toned midsection.

Let's begin.

First of all, Trisha Did Actually Do Cardio... but only once the entire 14 weeks. After Day One, she refused to do cardio... she absolutely hated it.

When she started the program, she didn't have the highest expectations. She wasn't sure she could pull it off..  I don't really know why, she just didn't seem like she believed.  

It all started back in early 2006 when Tricia walked into my Personal Training studio at the time. It consisted of a 14 week fat loss program, and it would take a lot of work on her part.. in fact, all of the work was on her, I just gave her the tools she needed.

I was a small time personal trainer that owned a personal training studio locally, and had only been working with clients for a few years by then. To be quite honest, it was a "high-end" place, and the people that paid me to train them really only did so because "Their friends had trainers, so it was the cool thing to do."

I was hungry to make my mark as the "Go-To" Business for fat loss for women, but it was hard to drum up new business when the clients I worked with weren't serious about losing fat. I mean, Really, who the hell wants to work with a trainer that has a slew full of fat, out of shape women for clients?

In order to get a killer female testimonial under my belt to help grow my personal training business, I decided to cut a deal with Tricia. If she'd agree to follow my program to the Letter for 12 weeks, I Guaranteed she'd lose her belly fat and turn into a tone sexy stomach, plus I'd only charge a fraction of what I would if she followed the program like I asked.

So, up until this point, this whole "Get A Sexy Stomach for Women" thing was just a theory I'd been kicking around in my head. I had no clue if I could actually pull it off or if it would bomb. I had honestly never worked with a woman as serious as she appeared to be.

Frankly I was Scared Out of My Mind

And for good reason because,

  • It was a 14 week Belly Fat Loss Program that I had designed for women to and strategically melt belly fat off your midsection and create sexy feminine curves, but I hadn't yet tested it on a serious client.
  • I had no idea who this Trisha character was.

  • I didn't know if she'd really follow the program to the letter, quit 1/3rd of the way through, or if she'd half ass it like all the other women I'd worked with in the past.

  • She refused to do any cardio exercise at all

And if that wasn't bad enough, a day before Trisha and I were to start the program together, I was on the phone with one of my all-time fitness heroes.

When I told him what I was doing, he said "I don't know man ...that sounds pretty risky. You haven't even tested it to see if it actually works."

So you can understand why I was worried.

But my worry turned to excited disbelief when we got going because...

Tricia's Stomach Fat Literally Started Peeling Away

Before We Even Got to the End Week 5!

Tricia's fat loss at that point seemed as though it had hit a nitro booster or something.... It happened so fast that I almost didn't have a chance to tweak it to prevent hitting a plateau.

Every 4 weeks, we took measurements (you'll see it laid out in detail in the step-by-step manual). These measurements are the guidelines which everything is based off of. Basically, at the end of each 4 week period, you'll fall into 1 of 5 categories based on your progress.

From here, each category has a set of instructions as to what to do next. If you fall into category 1, you make certain changes to your program, and so on... Well, as you can guess, Week 5 was NOT a measuring week, so as it turned out... 

It Actually Worked TOO GOOD, TOO FAST!

Imagine how embarrassed I was when at the first measurement day, I had LOW expectations.... and showed not only excitement, but DISBELIEF at the fact she pulled off 6 pounds of fat in 4 weeks... without cardio!!!

She just looked at me with a smile and laughed completely unaffected.... "Yeah, I'm not messing around.. I'm getting in a bikini this summer no matter what"

But There Was A HUGE Problem

Like I told you, Trisha absolutely refused to do cardio... so I personalized her program the best I could so that she'd continue to lose fat consistently... but I wasn't sure if it was gonna work. So I gave her grace periods in 4 week blocks. If her progress slowed in the least little bit, I was strapping her to a piece of cardio equipment, and she wasn't gonna get off of it until I said so.

Luckily after assessing everything, she hadn't yet hit the dreaded plateau, but she was close, so we made a few necessary adjustments to make sure her fat loss didn't stall before Week 8.

During week 8, we actually had to battle against her metabolism. The problem we had was with her losing too much belly fat too fast! Since we were trying to burn fat, not build muscle, we had to do SOMETHING to slow it down, or risk sacrificing precious belly fat loss.. Trisha Lost a staggering 17 pounds of Fat from Week 1 to the beginning of Week 8 - you would THINK I'd be ecstatic with this progress, but actually I was a bit nervous. 

But that Nervousness didn't last for long!!

Because, As You Can See,


She Achieved A Toned, Sexy Body,

And Lost 31 Pounds of Fat in 14 Weeks...

Even Without Cardio!



Click Here To Begin Your Journey Now


"Maybe It Was Just A Fluke?"

Who knows? Maybe it was a fluke, right? It's possible.

So here's what happened next. Not too long after Trisha started shedding fat like a high-powered oven, I met Gale, a 55 year old librarian who spit and sputtered the same old beliefs and problems that I've heard so many other women say:

  • "I sit at my desk all day and fight with my inner voices to keep from going to the snack machine"

  • "I've tried every fat loss program available... until I just decided to finally just give up, I'll never have a flat belly

  • "I can't lose weight, because I've tried everything, and it's all failed me... PLUS

  • "I have a thyroid problem and High Blood Pressure, so my doctors tell me I can't lose weight - or that it'll be really difficult 

  • I have such a busy schedule, I just don't have time... I guess I'll just have a flabby belly for life?!

These are the things that she told me personally... maybe you've had thoughts like that yourself... But I have No Doubt In My Mind What was Next....

Let's Put This Program To Work On A 55 Year Old Librarian

Who's Been Told by Her Doctors She Can't Lose Fat


Within 10 days Gale's belly fat began to shrink... Her energy had dramatically increased from the time she got up in the morning until the time she went to bed at night, she had fewer aches and pains throughout the day, her back didn't hurt anymore when she bent down to pick up a pen... and she she wasn't battling the "crazies" in her head about the snack machine at work, because she was no longer hungry.... 


Within 4 weeks she'd completely dropped 2 dress sizes....


At Week 8 she'd lost 14 1/2 pounds of Fat..... and went shopping for a Brand Spanking New Wardrobe!


And When Week 10 rolled around, Gale had lost 18 pounds of fat and her blood pressure dropped so drastically her doctor told her she could toss the expensive monthly pharmacy bill... Forever....


The Fact is, she proved all those previously held beliefs and Her Doctor DEAD WRONG! And so have thousands of other women that changed their mindset, their workout techniques, and their nutrition habits drastically from their old habits that weren't working. 


Here's what Gale had to say:


“I feel like a new person. I seriously CANNOT believe I lost 18 pounds in 10 weeks!!! (less than 3 months) I always thought that I just didn't have the "genetics" to lose my flabby belly... I literally tried everything I could get my hands on to lose weight. And the Day My doctor told me I couldn't lose weight, it took the wind right out of my sail... I was tired, depressed, and just felt horrible. I don't know where I'd be if I hadn't started your program. Probably in the same shape I was before I started... A chubby librarian with no hope! Thank you so MUCH!!! OH... and GUESS WHAT!?Now that my blood pressure is back to normal, I'm saving $100 per MONTH since I no longer have to buy the blood pressure medicine! Not only did I lose belly fat to Feel Great, your program has actually SAVED me money!!!

- Gale Criswell - 55 Year Old Woman who's Doctor told her she couldn't lose weight.



I know what you may be thinking...


This Sounds Too Simple

Can It REALLY Work for Me?


Stop Making It Harder and Start

Think about it... if what you've been doing the past few years hasn't worked yet, do you think it ever will? If you're spending 3 hours in the gym per week and that's not working, why do you think spending 3 hours per day in the gym will?

If doing an hour on the cardio machine per day hasn't gotten you the results you want, why do you think doing 1 1/2 - 2 hours of cardio per day will?! Ab exercises? If 50 situps a day doesn't work, why would you think doing 150 situps a day will?

You've already witnessed PROOF that abs exercises don't burn belly fat, so why would you keep trying to do ab exercise after ab exercise, rep after rep to try to burn belly fat? Don't forget about Mark Pfeltz scroll - 6 hours of sit-ups per day for 6 months didn't burn fat off his belly, and it won't burn belly fat off your stomach either. And don't forget... doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity!


For the First Time Ever:

This One of a Kind, Step-by-Step

Flat, Sexy Stomach Getting System

is Being Released to the Public


How To Get Six Pack Abs for Women:

"Getting That Flat Sexy Stomach You've Always Wanted"

Introducing "How To Get Six Pack Abs for Women": The Complete
Belly Fat Eliminating System Based on The Unique Techniques of
In the Trenches, Field Tested Strategies Guaranteed to Accelerate Fat Loss and Develop a Toned Sexy Tummy.

"How To Get Six Pack Abs" is a straight shooting 126 page fat burning manual in downloadable e-book format, jam-packed cover to cover with Straight Shooting Real World Proven Fat Loss Techniques . This program contains all the information you'll ever need to help you melt away body fat permanently including a one of a kind, unique feedback system that makes busting through fat loss plateaus a piece of cake (literally).


Can you just imagine 14 weeks from now, the feeling you will have when your Toned Sexy Belly is the Envy of All Your friends.. and even people that only see you in passing?




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Here's What Just a FEW People

Are saying about this program...

"About 1 year ago I got an account at a "stout" clothing shop for ladies.  Fine clothes for sizes 16 and up.  Since starting your program I haven't visited there in months!  They called for me to pay on my account and when I dropped in, you know me... I love to talk.... I began telling the cashier about how I haven't been in since July.  She asked why... and that opened the door... yes, several ladies had their ears close by, and I began telling them about my unique nutrition and fat loss strategies, but that THIS program was the answer and Todd Scott.  They all turned and came in closer.   This was great.  They talked about their  programs, too, but were astounded at my Results!"

Thank You!!!! -

Dana Lux

I lost 11 lbs of fat and over 20 inches total before the summer of '04. Went I went back home to see all my friends, they were Amazed!! It made me feel so good, I decided to treat myself to a whole new wardrobe :)

- Elizabeth Schauf

During our first meeting, I told Todd that I would never have a Flat Sexy Belly. He just smiled and said "Okay." I've since lost 24 Pounds of Fat and can finally get into a Bikini for the FIRST TIME without being embarrassed...Ever. I've never been happier in my entire life, I Feel like a Million Dollars


Ever since I've been on this program, I get asked out on dates nearly EVERYDAY, when I used to NEVER get asked on a date. And the good news is, I've met a wonderful guy, and we're getting married in July!! I asked my boyfriend if you could be the best man!!! haha!

- Jill Hanson

“Two weeks ago I bought a pair of pants that fit me real snug. I tried them on this weekend and now they are LOOSE!” It feels good to know I’m losing weight already. Thank You so much!!!!

Shan Brown

“A girl at work said ‘have you lost weight’ I sort of nodded with a smile. Todd, It’s only been a week and people are already noticing. WOW!!”

Catherine Nowak


“You know, I’ve had a lot of trainers before, But I’ve never seen as fast of results as I have with your program. You know, when you’re living it, you don’t realize the change until people start recognizing it for you. That’s what I’m going through right now, and I LOVE it”


Susan Freeman
Baton Rouge, La


Last Tuesday I went to my weekly meeting with some business associates and was very depressed. The night before I had purchased a pair of jeans and had to go up a size. After age 35 I have steadily gained about a pound every month. Now I am 20 lbs over my normal weight. I just wasn’t feeling good about myself. I had tried to diet but with a career and a 5 and 6 year old just couldn’t find the time or put forth the effort.

I talked with Todd Scott and asked what kind of programs he had. Explaining that I just wanted better health and not looking to wear spandex. The very next day I bought this program, and I was surprised that didn’t take a lot of time and I could do at home. Also, one that didn’t over stress my body since it has been so long. The program allows me to eat more than I normally eat. So I have not felt hungry at all.

After 6 days on the program I have lost 3 lbs and I’m starting to notice a difference in my shape and the tone of my arms. But, the biggest change is in the increase of energy I have. I feel really good. I can’t wait until I am on the program for a whole month if I’m already seeing results after 6 days. Thank you, Todd!!"

Johnelle Wallace

"Just wanted to drop a line to thank you for your help. As you know, after only finishing 8 weeks of your program and lost 10 pounds! You have made such a difference. I was feeling and looking pretty good after having lost a lot of weight on my own, but now for the first time in my life I can say that I actually look and feel energized! I am inspiring my family members and those around me to get in shape.

Your program has helped me get back into that mode of doing more than I ever thought I could - that's the only place where change can happen.

Having a professional involved in a person's fitness program makes such a difference. I'm really a determined self-starter but I still needed someone like you to stretch my capabilities. Thank you so much!”

Linda Rogers


“This program has done more for me than the treadmill ever has in 20 years. It’s the most dramatic results I’ve ever had. My body has changed back to the way it looked before I had Children 13 years ago!”

Susan Strange




Click Here to Lose Your Ugly Belly Fat Now







Ab Workout Image


"You are Awesome, Todd Scott! Great explanations! You teach me something new everyday! It's no wonder you're one of the Best Guys I know to work with!"


Sean Hyson - Editor Men's Fitness Magazine



How to Lose Weight Fast - Jonas Deffes Image



Todd seriously lays down all the myths in the industry in his Six pack Abs book. In Fact, this is the only book I recommend my New Orleans Adventure Boot Camp to use when in between my camps to keep them going! .


It has detailed instructions on almost every possible aspect of helping you achieve that highly sought out toned mid section.   Not only that, you will discover how well written it is and how fun it is to read.


I urge you to order a copy then go straight to FedEx Kinko's online and print out you a personal hard copy to guide you through step by step to Losing Belly Fat and Developing a Tight, Lean, Sexy Stomach!


Jonas Deffes -

Owner, Women's Adventure Bootcamp

New Orleans, LA



How To Get Six Pack Abs Burns an Average

Of 2.2 Pounds of Belly Fat Per WEEK!

I just took the 31 total pounds of Fat Trisha Lost and divided it by 14 weeks to give you an idea of the Weekly Pounds of Fat How To Get Six Pack Abs burned during this program.

And yeah - that's a pretty impressive number. (I almost hesitate to use it because I don't want it to sound hypey ...but it's real.)

...And that's why this next statement is going to seem really weird.

But it needs to be said because I don't want you to get the wrong idea:


That's NOT what How To Get Six Pack Abs is about!

Yes, I know that sounds totally bizarre since I just got finished telling you about how Trisha Developed a Toned, Sexy Belly in 14 Weeks.

And yes, I know that sounds weird because I just finished showing you how I used How To Get Six Pack Abs to Make Her Belly Fat Disappear.

And yes, I know that sounds crazy because the name of the program is "How To Get Six Pack Abs"

But the bottom line is,

How To Get Six Pack Abs

Goes Way Beyond Just Your Abs


Heck, if you want to know about Abs - call Tony Little.

How To Get Six Pack Abs is about much, much more.

It's about

Revving Your Metabolism One Notch At A Time To Burn Fat Every Second of the Day - It's Just That The End Result Is

A Tight, Toned, Sexy Stomach

And it's about making this whole thing happen with easy, natural progressions.

Actually, let me help you out and show you


How "How To Get Six Pack Abs" is Different

From Anything You've Ever Seen

1) It's NOT About Abdominal Exercises: In Fact, the majority of the program doesn't even focus on your abs. As you learned earlier, abdominal exercises don't burn fat or create lean sexy stomach, and Mark Pfeltz did 45,005 sit-ups in 58.5 hours just to prove that point. Yes, it's true, ab training is good to develop the ab muscles, but the main focus should be toward burning off the fat that's covering your abs. The true key to getting toned sexy belly is achieving low levels of body fat - while maintaining or building lean muscle mass to give you that lean appealing look. And that's exactly what How To Get Six Pack Abs is about.

2) It's NOT About Wasting Your Money On Bogus Supplements In fact, this program is 100% supplement free. I will admit, some supplements are useful, but they are few and far between. Plus eating whole food helps speed your metabolism in turn burning more fat day in and day out.

The days of getting scammed by supplement companies are over. There are very few supplements that are even worth the package they're contained in. And 99.9% of the time, they don't even do what the label claims..

Trust me, I've spent close to $10,000 on supplements dating back to 1995. I used to buy any and every supplement that hit the market to only end up frustrated and confused, because "I wasn't burning fat" like the label claimed.

Don't get me wrong, some supplements are useful, but the USE is not to make your body burn more fat, it's to ensure that you're consuming healthy meals.... more like an "emergency" fuel source. Or to help save time in preparing your meals.

Take a meal replacement, for example, there's nothing magical about it, it's simply a calorie dense food that will keep you from being hungry until your next meal.

The day you begin looking at supplements in this way, is the day you stop getting scammed and START getting a sexy midsection!

3) It's NOT About Gimmicky Fad Diets Look, I've been through my share of 'fad' diets.. the only thing they do, besides steal your money, is make you hungry as hell. Of COURSE you'll lose "Weight" drinking nothing but fruit juice disguised as a miracle diet... But you won't achieve low levels of body fat. And THAT'S what you need to have a Lean Sexy Stomach - Low Levels of Body Fat.

4) It's Not About Using Worthless Whiz-Bang Abdominal Gadgets: We've already proved that "working" your abdominal muscles WILL NOT shred your abs to pieces. Unfortunately, so many people are fooled by late night infomercials, it keeps that industry booming. You'll soon be flipping the channel only stopping on one of these commercials for pure entertainment, because you'll already know the real truth about How To Burn Belly Fat.

5) It's NOT About Hours and Hours of Cardio - It's NOT EVEN about doing "Interval Training" That Most Fitness Guru's Have Been Trying to Shove Down Your Throat: You'll see first hand that you won't even NEED to do cardio to Get Rid of Your Tummy. Do you remember what Trisha was going through during week 8? We were having problems because she was losing TOO MUCH FAT TOO FAST.

The fact of the matter is, MUSCLE is where Fat is Burned not on some dumbass cardio machine or running sprints in the backyard.

Now, don't get me wrong, cardio programs are included in How To Get Six Pack Abs, but you will have the choice whether or not you add it into your program. If you follow everything else outlined in the Step-by-Step Strategy guide, there's a 99% chance you won't even need it!


Here's Just A Taste of What's Inside...


  How to Turn Almost Any of Your Favorite Meals into a Fat Burning Food!

 You'll be walked Step-by-Step How To Calculate the Exact Calories You Need to Burn Fat Day In and Day Out - Plus Exactly What To Do With This Powerful Information for it to Start Burning Fat Immediately!

 Not Only Will I show you Why doing hundreds of sit ups and crunches is the least important factor in getting six pack abs... I give you PROOF POSITIVE That Ab Training Will NOT Develop Lean Sexy Abs!

 A truly "no brainer" (yet usually overlooked) way to force your body to drop fat like a bad habit... automatically.


 I will Walk You Through Step by Step, Week by Week and Show You Exactly What You need to Do Next To Get Rid of Your Ugly Belly Fat... This isn't just a point and click program, Plateau's are a thing of the Past. It's almost as if you have me by your side the entire time trouble shooting any and all obstacles in your way!

 The Real Reason Aerobic Exerise Has Failed You In the Past, And How to Over Come It Without Fail.


 The NUMBER ONE rule that you absolutely need to discover if you're serious at all about creating a body that will be envied by everyone you come in contact with.


Exactly What to Eat and When to Burn Fat 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week


The Exact Step-by-Step Blueprint I Used Myself To Achieve 7% Body Fat All While Drinking and Partying Nearly Every Weekend!


The Top 10 Fat Burning Foods for revving up your metabolism so that you can more easily scorch away body fat on a 24/7 basis!


How most people are doing their cardio training totally wrong... and how to modify your routines to make them twice as effective for stripping away stubborn body fat (and it’s not what you think!)


My Step-by-Step  Proprietary system that builds a rock-hard solid core and stimulates fat loss like nothing you’ve ever seen... and the kicker is that the program will change with your progress.


A unique nutrition trick that tells your body that you're NOT starving so that it WON'T lower your metabolic rate.


The Dangerous Truth About Cardio Training - Why most people are wasting their time with cardio training because they’re doing it completely WRONG to stimulate the metabolic response intended to burn fat on auto-pilot.  Do YOU waste time with cardio training? Instead, discover the REAL formula that’s the most potent fat-burning sequence available – You’ll  burn 3-4 times more calories and Torch 3-4 times more fat – and NO ONE is telling you about it!


The Cold Hard Truth about ab training - Change your training this way, and watch that belly fat start to disappear before your eyes!


Detailed descriptions and photos of more than 75 of the most effective exercises in existence that will give you a tight sexy body from head to toe! This isn't just about abs... this is about giving you the full head-turning package... firm sculpted thighs, a tight butt that guys will drool over, a sexy flat tummy, & a toned back and shoulders that will look great in that dress of yours.


Cutting-edge scientifically designed training PROGRAMS (not just lists of exercises) that will help you carve out a firm body and leave people asking what your secret is! This is not just a cookie cutter program, you’ll be charting your progress along the way with detailed instructions of the very next step you need to take to keep burning fat 24/7!


Why doing abs or obliques exercises do NOT burn fat away from your stomach and love handles... Instead, discover which exercises accomplish this MUCH more effectively!


How to blast through your plateau and continue to make progress by working through all 9 levels of abdominal training progressions.


How to teach yourself to be creative and think differently about putting together “Fat-Burning Meal Plans”... This is what will keep you interested and motivated in your fat loss quest, while everyone else is wondering why their body looks the same or worse than it did last year.


The Top MUST-HAVE Fat Burning Foods to stock your home with so you’ll never get off track… exact calories, protein, and carbs listed to help you put together Delicious Meals to Sculpt the Lean Sexy Body You desire!


Exact Step-by-Step process of HOW to calculate the precise number of calories you need to scorch belly fat – And what to do IF it starts to slow! Nutrition is the most important part of any successful fat loss program, and 90% of people get it Dead Wrong! Get into the top 10% to be on track to lose 2-4 pounds of fat PER Week!


Why the "morning cardio on an empty stomach" that so many people recommend may not be so good after all – and what to do instead!


Exactly how you can Drink As Much of Any Alcohol You Choose and STILL Burn Fat Week in and Week Out! I take you through the exact steps I used to drink a 12 pack of beer per week and still burn 1-2 pounds of fat per week and achieved an Unprecedented 7% Body Fat! The so called "Experts" say alcohol makes you fat... Meh.. I say B.S. and I've Got PROOF! I'm laughing all the way to the beach - And I'll show You How You Can Too!!


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elephant abs


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