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Rebranding "The Truth About Burning Fat"  Free Report

The "Truth About Burning Fat" is a Free Report exclusive to affiliates of, and can't be found anywhere else.
Feel free to use this as an opt-in generator or to just give it away for free. I highly urge you to rebrand the document with your clickbank ID to increase the number of sales you make.
Here's How to do it:
1. Download (right click, save target as) The Truth About Burning Fat Free Report By Clicking Here
2. Download (right click, save target as) the PDFBrand.exe File By Clicking Here
3 Open the PDFBrand .exe file
4. Open the folder in which you saved your free report
5. Drag the document from its current folder into the opened PDFBrand .exe file
6. Enter your clickbank ID into the box that pops up
7. Click "Brand"
8. Click Save
Having Trouble? Watch this video: 




Questions? Email me at toddscott [at]



Sample Email to Send to Your List:


Subject 1: 8 Simple Steps to a Flat Belly

Subject 2: 8 Easy Steps to 6 Pack Abs

Subject 3: News Alert: never buy another diet program again

Subject 4: Breaking News: it’s easier than you thought



Howdy [[Name]],


Just the other day I was talking to my pal Todd Scott over at We were talking about all the “so called” short cuts and fat loss scams that are on the market, and how people are easily victimized by companies eager to play to the consumer’s weakness.  


The thing is, losing fat isn’t hard, in fact it’s really simple if you

have a proven blueprint.


So, during our conversation Todd mentioned that he has a MUST READ manual for all of his clients and customers.


And what’s really cool is that


1)      it’s free

2)      it applies to both men & women

3)      it puts you in the right mindset and gives you the exact tools to actually get the job done, rather than sitting around ‘wishing’ you could do something about it.

4)      There are only 8 action steps to get started… yeah, only 8.


To grab your free copy of this Special Free Report: “The Truth About Burning Fat”,

Click here:


URL to REPORT  – or  URL to Opt IN  – or –  URL to Download Page


Here’s to your success!




P.S. There’s nothing to buy, just 8 KILLER action steps to start losing fat immediately. So download your copy now:


URL to REPORT  – or  URL to Opt IN  – or –  URL to Download Page





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