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Top 5 Easy Foods for Fat Loss


by Todd Scott, ISSA-CPT 

Training Advisor, Men's Fitness magazine


You can find all sorts of information about the best "foods for fat loss" all over the internet and in every fat loss book on planet. Things like:


chicken - fish - lean ground meat - sweet potatoes - wild rice

green veggies - tuna - quality protein shakes - shrimp

apples - oranges - egg whites


While all of these foods are spectacular for fat loss, often times they're not optimal on a daily basis. And by optimal I mean what happens if you're on the road, what happens if you forget to cook the next day's meals of chicken, potatoes, and lean meat, what happens if you don't have access to this stuff?


Well, just having all of this information isn't too optimal for fat loss, is it? If you can't eat it, if you don't have time to prepare it, it doesn't do you a damn bit of good does it? If you can't eat something that's deemed a "best fat loss food", then it's not exactly a 'best fat loss food" and it's not effective. End of story.


That's why I've compiled a list of the "Top 5 Easy Foods for Fat Loss." These are foods that get the job done and don't require preparation. Forgot to pick up some sweet potatoes at the store last night - We've got ya covered...


"The Top 5 Easy Foods for Fat Loss

Everyone Should Have in Stock"


1) Peanut Butter - This is no secret in the "fitness community", but many new clients I work with are shocked that they can eat peanut butter on a fat loss diet. Yeah, it's loaded with calories - but it's also loaded with protein and sources of fat, so it doesn't take much to keep you satiated. Just a spoon full or 2 will get you through to the next meal. It's easy to carry, and the only additional equipment you need is a spoon - hell, if you're in a predicament, you don't even need that, just wash your hands and use your finger - barbaric, I know. But do you want to lose fat or don't ya?


2) Cottage Cheese - Ouch, I used to hate this form of cheese.. just down right nasty to some people. But you'll quickly find out it absorbs the flavor of anything you mix it with. Got a chocolate protein shake? Dump a few big spoons of cottage cheese into it, and it'll add 50% more protein to the shake without altering the taste. The tastiest combo is cottage cheese + yogurt + almonds. Cures your sweet tooth & rips fat off your bottom.


3) Tortillas - Unless you're nearing the final weeks before a fitness competition, all this "stay away from white food" is null and void for most of us. Keep these babies around and you'll be able to make quick chicken, steak, or tuna wraps without having to worry about cooking a bunch of sweet potatoes or yams the night before. They come in whole wheat, too. So if you're going to be eating many of these on a daily basis, I'd opt for the wheat versions. 


4) Yogurt - This dude is a double whammy - you can add it to cottage cheese to get a sweet high protein "meal" - or you can use it as dessert after a "purely protein meal." Make sure you check the labels and choose yogurts that have 12 or less grams of sugar. If you're not careful, some yogurts can run 40-50 grams of sugar! The other upside is it offers a few grams of protein! You can't get any better than a sweet protein source. Yogurt tops my list, add in some almonds and watch out! Your friends just might start calling you a health Nut!


5) Almonds - These nuts offer a complete solution, can be mixed with other foods such as yogurt, cottage cheese, or even eaten alone as a snack itself. Offering a decent amount of protein and fat is only the half of it, its protein and fat will help keep you full until the next meal. And guess what, it comes in a handy can or bag, so there's no excuse to not have them around. 



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